Douwe-Jan de Boer (54)

De Hypothekers Associatie B.V.

Early 2015 I accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager at De Hypothekers Associatie. This challenging position is in line with my previous experience in the financial sector, at a major bank and insurance company and two franchise organisations in the mortgage market. My Frisian roots fit well with the Rotterdam no-nonsense mentality and resonates in my pragmatic approach.

I spend most of my hours at the store floor of the branch offices. The place where we service our customers. I trade insights with franchisees on how the market in their regions can best be approached. That dialogue requires knowledge of the area and the market, a targeted set of data and a thorough analysis of these data. 

Fortunately I have the support of a great team. Our organisation’s open culture is inviting and always inspiring. Working towards the realization of goals and challenging our franchisees, makes my job probably the most versatile within ’De Hypothekers Associatie’.

Since we literally have all expertise at Blauwtrust Groep under one roof, it is easy for me to put the right people together. The goal: satisfied customers and fulfillment. That is what counts!