Romeo Financiële Diensten B.V.

ROMEO is a leading and modern distributor which is transforming the mortgage and advisory market with a game changing business model with a strong focus on customer care.

ROMEO wants to provide financial advisors with broad support for their activities alongside their primary advisory work, enabling them to save costs and increase the quality of their services. This leaves them more time and attention for the work they enjoy most and find most valuable; advising.

Every independent financial adviser should be able to fully engage in his core business: delivering high-quality advice. In doing so, he creates the strongest position in a market where clients are increasingly quality and costs, making efficiency a necessity. Smart advisors make use of modern technology and outsource more and more parts of their operations to organizations that can do so more cost-effectively at a high customer experience. 

By (continuing to) use state-of-the-art technology, maintaining simplicity and uniformity in operations, basing long-term relationships on service satisfaction, being cost-critical and combining professional knowledge with drive and really understanding and helping customers, ROMEO can deliver competitively priced services to enthusiastic customers.


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Nieuwe Steen 5
1625 HV Hoorn
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)88 7663800

  • Net promotor score 63
  • 1,400 IFA’s in distribution channel
  • 24,000 mortgage applications (2022)
  • 2,900 Accelerate users
  • 20% of all mortgage applications in the Dutch market with Accelerate


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  • Romeo Financiële Diensten B.V.