Remuneration policy

The remuneration policy of Blauwtrust Groep B.V.

The remuneration policy has been developed by Blauwtrust Groep B.V. (BTG) and complies with the applicable legislation for remuneration in the Dutch financial sector. The remuneration policy of BTG is tailored to the size, organization and activities of BTG. The remuneration policy is periodically reviewed.

Employee remuneration

Our services prioritize our clients and their interests. This is reflected in the way we remunerate our employees.

The remuneration (salary and other terms of employment) of our employees is largely fixed and partly variable. The amount of the variable part of the remuneration is, as a rule, no more than 20% average of the employee's fixed salary and depends, among other things, on the quality of the work delivered and the objectives achieved by the employee. At least half of these targets are always non-financial targets. A variable remuneration awarded is generally paid in cash following the year to which the assessment relates (the performance year).

BTG is ultimately responsible for the remuneration policy and for supervising its implementation for its employees. 

The total amount paid by BTG in variable remuneration for its 31 employees in 2024, relating to performance year 2023, is € 264.387,- being an average of 7,1%  per person.

No employees at Blauwtrust Groep received a total remuneration of more than € 1 million