Arno Dries (45)

Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management B.V.
Manager Investor Relations

I’ve worked at various subsidiairies of Blauwtrust Groep since 2002. After my study chemistry, Quion offered me the opportunity to develop my commercial ambitions in the financial services market before I joined DMPM in my current position as a Sales Manager in April 2017. In the past 15 years Blauwtrust Groep turned from a start-up company into an established professional financial service provider.

In my current role at DMPM I am responsible for the acquisition of new customers. We offer a value proposition to investors with ambitions to enter the Dutch residential mortgage market. Within Blauwtrust Groep all subsidiairies are complementary to offer a turnkey solution to originate and maintain a mortgage portfolio.

I am very proud to be part of an organisation that is constantly in motion and still acquiring new customers annually. I can rely on Hypotrust, Quion or De Hypotheker to develop a joint offer that allows the investor to benefit from the combined knowledge and execution power of the Blauwtrust Groep. The Rotterdam mindset that inspires us to be successful as a collective can be found in all parts of the group.