Sanne Vogel (35)

Conneqt Mortgage Distribution B.V.

Versatile, entrepreneurial, full of energy and with an end-to-end solution. That to me is what the Blauwtrust Groep stands for. As Chief Executive Officer of Conneqt I experience these characteristics every day. This is why I have been working with great pleasure within the group for ten years now. It is refreshing to work in a commercial company in which growth and recognising opportunities are always in line with each other.

Conneqt acts as the distribution manager within the group. We are able to develop a complete mortgage product for the investor and market and sell it through our distribution network in the Dutch retail mortgage market. Additionally, Conneqt as a mortgage label is consumer facing.

Conneqt has over 20 years of experience and has helped more than 80,000 people in getting their dream home. Something we are very proud of!

In 2016 we added the new IQWOON label and in 2018 the Robuust label to our inventory, the development of which was a joint effort of all Blauwtrust Groep entities. Its realization therefore feels as a collective accomplishment and success.