Paul Renaud (47)

Blauwtrust Groep B.V.

Since June 1, 2015 I am Group Accounting & Reporting Services Officer of the Blauwtrust Groep. Prior to this role I have worked as a public accountant at a Big 4 accounting firm for 18 years. With 14 enthusiastic employees, the Group Accounting & Reporting Services department provides all administrative services of the group’s companies.

The department takes care of the monthly reporting, preparation of the financial statements, the planning and coordination with the auditor, assessing compliance with tax laws and regulations and the preparation of tax returns, as well as the alignment with the tax adviser and the revenue service.

I use my knowledge and experience I have gained during my years as a public accountant to continuously improve the quality of our processes. The Blauwtrust Groep is growing rapidly and it is our objective to ensure this is done in a controlled manner. The power of a centralised approach of processes is increasingly evident and the focus is more and more on proactively supporting the business.