Niki Nuis (34)

De Hypothekers Associatie B.V.
Online specialist

After graduating in Small Business and Retail Management, I started working as an Account Manager, amongst others at an online marketing agency. I ended up being responsible for the online strategy and online advertising for different brands. After four years in this role I joined De Hypothekers Associatie on June 1, 2015 as an online specialist in the Online Marketing & Sales team. We work on the website, social media, Search Engine Optimalisation and on paid advertising. I am responsible for profiling and social media which is increasingly important. To apply my broad expertise throughout the organisation gives me a lot of energy.

Both the Hypotheker Associatie and the Blauwtrust Groep have an open culture. People at every level are easily approachable; the door is always open. This enables collaboration, which I find very important. It allows me and my colleagues to really make a difference.