Mariëlle Koningh (36)

Quion Groep B.V.

I’ve been working in the Projects department within Quion since June 2011. I have a background in business economics, and because I studied part-time, I already have 12 years’ extensive experience in the various aspects of the mortgage market. I now have progressed to become Senior Project Manager, specialising in projects whereby Quion, usually in cooperation with Hypotrust, De  Hypothekers Associatie and the Blauwtrust Groep, introduces new investors to the Dutch mortgage market. We successfully launched the new mortgage product ‘IQWOON’ on July 19th this year, for example.

Together with the project team (a group of around 20 professionals) and the client, I am able to realise the market introduction of a new mortgage product from scratch. It’s a challenge every time to collectively produce the desired project result within the given time and resources, but every time we manage it, we demonstrate the strength of the combination of the various entities of the Blauwtrust Groep: we are creating added value together!