Arjan Bons Leaves Blauwtrust Groep

Capelle aan den IJssel, 23rd October 2017 -- After good mutual consultation, Blauwtrust Groep BV’s Supervisory Board and Arjan Bons have decided that Arjan will leave the company.

Arjan Bons began at Blauwtrust Groep as CFO on 1st January 2011 and became CEO on 1st January 2013. Under his leadership, Blauwtrust Groep became a significant participant in the Dutch mortgage lending market. In addition to Quion, Hypotrust and the Hypothekers Associatie, the group expanded in recent years with portfolio management through Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management and distribution management through Conneqt.

Arjan Bons has announced to look for a new challenge elsewhere. The Supervisory Board respects his decision and has expressed its appreciation for his dedication and what he brought to the group. Aldo Tognini, Blauwtrust Groep B.V.’s CFRO, will take over as interim CEO from 23rd October.

 Arjan Bons Leaves Blauwtrust Groep

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